Communicanine Behavior Modification LLC

Helping humans effectively communicate with their companion animals


Trainer: Jay

Owner/ Founder


If you are a dog owner in the Buffalo area whose canine companion is struggling with behavioral issues, Communicanine Behavior Modification would love to help!

Our goals are

  • To help dog owners work to resolve conflict, reduce stress, and learn to effectively communicate with their companion animals!
  • Empower dog owners to build and maintain the bonds of trust and relationships between people and dogs.
  • Teach dogs to learn how to be successful members of the family while helping humans become confident leaders that can understand the needs and wants of their 4 legged family members.

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I am truly shocked at the difference that 1 lesson with Jay made. My dog, Bug, has always affectionately been referred to as the problem child. This is mostly due to his uncontrollable reactivity and unmanageability on a leash. I was embarrassed and frustrated every time we went for a walk. Jay, with ease, taught Bug (and me) how to interact during our walks so that he is calm and focused. We can now go on relaxing and peaceful walks, surrounded by squirrels and other dogs, without both of us behaving like lunatics. This, after just one lesson! Thank you Jay!

– Kristen 11/3/2020

I HIGHLY recommend booking services with Jay at Commuinicanine Behavior Modification! We have (had 😏) a very reactive and anxious German shepherd. After just 5 training sessions, ALL of our concerns were handled. Jay was so pleasant to work with and we always looked forward to meeting with him. He genuinely cared about our concerns and made it easy for us to train her ourselves when he wasn’t around. He ended up building a wonderful relationship with our dog and gave us all the tools we need to continue to make progress. I feel like we have a brand new dog… we are so comfortable and confident with her now! Huge thanks to Jay!!!!

– Taylor 8/20/2020

We highly recommend Jay! He was referred to us and I now know why… We adopted a Pandemic Puppy from the shelter–while Matilda was truly sweet= we knew we needed some help. Jay was amazing- professional, knowledgeable, passionate and compassionate. He truly exceeds at his job- he is ethical and honest and has our best interest at heart. He might be the Buffalo dog whisperer:) Bonus- he is hilarious and super chill. Hire this guy if you want your pup to become well behaved.

– Corinne 9/29/2020